Arles à la Carte


Arles à la carte can provide or help locate quality accommodations for all types of program participants by offering four different options:

1.)    Host families
Arles à la carte has a dedicated network of French families that house program participants throughout language intensive programs and subject based programs with a language component. Families provide a certain number of meals, depending on the program, and an intensive language setting. English speaking host families can also be provided upon request.

Host families are carefully selected and regularly visited in order to ensure guest’s safety, comfort and welcome.

 2.)    Apartments
Arles à la carte can help individuals or small families looking for more privacy find one or two bedroom apartments. Apartments are equipped with basic kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as internet access.

3.)    Country Villas
Arles à la carte can assist in finding villas in the Provençal countryside for all levels of comfort. One example can be found at the Mazet des oliviers (

4.)    Hotels, Guest Houses and Bed + Breakfasts
Arles à la carte can recommend hotels, guest houses and bed + breakfasts for shorter stays upon request. A complete list of hotel accommodations in Arles can be found on the city website for tourism: